About Us


Let WHITE BEAR ENTERPRISES propel you with innovative media by experienced professionals to explore new dimensions.

White Bear Enterprises is a full production multi-media company, from script writing, dynamic graphics, specialized audio to custom videos for web and DVD. We maintain a professional equipment package for both shooting on location in the field and working with numerous programs for editing, effects, graphics and 3-D virtual environments.

In an age when creating media is universally accessible, we are true masters of this craft. We have over twenty-five years of professional experience in multi-media specializing in writing, audio, video and graphics. We have the ultimate combination of effective storytelling and technical proficiency. We enjoy creating dynamic visual and auditory tools for communication.

In the times we live in where media is everywhere and is necessary for communication, it’s important to amplify and get a clean signal that rises above the ocean of images and sound. We have that power to create an outstanding visual/auditory product that lifts your imagination and inspires. White Bear Enterprises has a communication solution for all your needs.

Realize the future now that you dreamed about yesterday.
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